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Client Testimonials

I don't know about you, but when I'm looking into someone or something, I usually like to look at other people's reviews - somehow the personal experience someone has seems especially informative.

So, I decided to add a page of actual quotes/comments from my clients.

(comments used with permission - initials have been changed to protect client confidentiality).

"So, THANK YOU for our session yesterday!

I cannot tell you how much better I feel today. That heavy depression fog lifted and I don't feel like crawling under a rock! You have helped me SO much in a short amount of time and I am incredibly grateful. :-)" - T.H. - seen for grief/depression/overeating

"Thank you again for all your advice and support. You are a great blessing in my life..."

C.G. - seen for anxiety related to work and relationships

"Please know that every session, every conversation, every book and TED Talk you have referred me to has been so helpful (words really cannot do it justice). I am feeling better and more confident than I have felt in a long while (maybe in several years). I feel more in control and have learned to be more patient and compassionate with myself--again thanks to your excellent professional guidance." S.C. - seen for emotional overeating and childhood trauma.

"Hi - we just arrived in Philadelphia. I was amazingly calm and the flight wasn't bad at all. Thank you for all your encouragement" - L.L. - seen for severe anxiety and fear of flying.

"I think I have finally figured out a "normal" relationship with food and eating after 30 years of up, down and around with my weight, and I never could have done it without your help.  Losing 40 pounds without pills or being on some crazy diet feels about as significant as getting my Master's!  I appreciate all the things you taught me and can still hear your voice in my head - which is a good thing, believe me!"

S.W. - seen for emotional overeating and weight management

"I wanted to say thank you for helping me to dramatically change my thinking and therefore dramatically change my life. I am so much happier and content than when I came to you 3 years ago. I feel so excited about my life and I wake up everyday enthusiastic about what I have planned for the day. I am going to school now and I will have my degree in nutrition in about 3 years. I know that helping people is your job but you have a way of helping people help themselves. I always felt that you believed in me even when I was an anxious mess! That really gave me the confidence that I needed to do the work to become the person I was meant to be. I'm not saying life is perfect but my response to life has changed so much that I feel hopeful and grateful everyday. I wanted you to know that I'll forever be grateful to you for helping me. I hope you have a great week!

Thank you, 

P.S. I'm sure I will be back for occasional tuneups :) " -  J.S. - seen for anxiety, depression and weight management (lost 70 lbs)

"I don't think you have any idea how good you are. I have probably worked with over ten therapists over the course of my life and you have helped me to heal more in the last year than all of them combined. You really are amazing." E. N. R. - seen for depression and marital difficulties

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